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Watts Innovations proudly introduces the REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch. Designed and built entirely from the ground up, the REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch is the most advanced cargo delivery device available on the market today. REEL was created exclusively for use with the PRISM Sky aircraft, as it harnesses the power of Auterion’s Skynode ecosystem for a plug and play experience.


REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch

Two Delivery METHODS


REEL is capable of delivering up to a 10lb package from 100ft in the air with the press of a button. This allows the drone to remain in a hover at a safe altitude while staying away from potential hazards closer to the ground. The logic inside the winch executes a delivery completely autonomously and returns the delivery hook in under one minute.


With the press of a button, REEL can eject up to a 10lb payload of any kind while in-flight. This is ideal for smart mailbox deliveries, as well as in-air deployments of a variety of payloads. REEL is capable of both manual and autonomous in-flight ejections of payloads.


10lb Deliveries From 100'


In-Flight Deployment of Payloads

Powered by


Multiple Methods of


REEL communicates over the powerful MAVLINK protocol, allowing users to perform deliveries and in-flight deployments of payload either manually or during autonomous missions.

Quick Release

REEL can be removed from the aircraft in a matter of seconds.

Autonomous Delivery Missions

Utilizing the Auterion Mission Control app, users can easily program and execute fully autonomous missions with the push of a button.

REEL will be available as an additional payload to PRISM Sky this year.


Q3 2022

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