PRISM Superlift Edition

There's Heavy Lift and there's Superlift. The Superlift Edition of our PRISM aircraft is a true monster. Built around the tried and true PRISM airframe, the Superlift Edition supports payloads of up to 60lbs! This allows the aircraft to fly at an all up weight of 140lbs.

While many use cases only require a payload of 10-15lbs, the Superlift Edition of both PRISM Sky and PRISM Lite allow users to take flight with a proven and reliable aircraft, but with maximum payload and performance.

PRISM Superlift Edition
60lb Payload

Takes to the Skies

Maximum Payload

Your Choice

Maximum Power
Reliable & Proven Airframe

American Made

Superlift Edition


PRISM Superlift Spec Sheet


Interested in Superlift?

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