Next Level Ground Control Station

KONTACT was developed from the ground up to be the ultimate Ground Control Station for professional drone operators who are looking for a perfect balance between size, functionality and power. KONTACT is capable of accepting various radio modules such as the Doodle Labs 2.4GHz embedded radio, or RFDesign's RFD900X long range 900 MHz radio module. Even without a radio module installed and connected to WiFi, KONTACT is capable of flying an LTE enabled drone over the carrier's network.


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KONTACT has been optimally designed to seamlessly control PRISM Sky

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Ready For Flight

Designed from the ground up, KONTACT has been developed to give pilots the most amazing interface with the aircraft as possible. Whether it's planning an automated flight mission, adjusting camera settings within the app, or viewing a live video feed, KONTACT is ready.


12.3" Touchscreen

Operators will absolutely love this gorgeous, high contrast, reactive touch screen that is over 12" in size. This makes mission planning in the field a breeze.

Multiple Communication Methods Supported


KONTACT is capable of communicating with LTE enabled drones such as PRISM Sky over the LTE network. This doesn't even require an onboard radio link of any kind. Simply connect KONTACT to a wireless network and operate the entire aircraft over LTE.

Doodle Labs 2.4ghz

Utilizing Doodle Labs' embedded 2.4GHz radio modem, operators will appreciate fast bootup times, reliable connections, minimal latency, and a generous transmission range. Best of all, it's FCC certified & NDAA Compliant.

RFD 900X 900mhz

The RFD900X is a low cost, high performing radio modem which allows operators to have their aircraft fly at extreme distances while still maintaining a reliable connection. While live video cannot be passed through this link, distances of over 20 miles have been seen with this radio modem.

Mission Planning Made Easy

While running Auterion Mission Control with a super responsive touch screen, users will appreciate just how simple it is to create and execute an automated mission.

Supporting KONTACT

KONTACT offers various methods to hold, carry and support the GCS while in use. Here are some of our favorites with more to come!

Neck Strap



Quality Control

KONTACT's gimbals, joysticks and buttons are of the highest quality, offering protection from the elements while still maintaining a precise feel. We are pilots first and foremost so a comfortable, natural feeling is a must!


KONTACT Spec Sheet

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