About Watts Innovations, Inc.


Our talented team has been working with unmanned aircraft for decades. We have been living and breathing unmanned aircraft for most of our lives. Our main passion is creating and refining incredible products that take to the skies to perform valuable services all over the world.

Meet The Team

Bobby Watts

CEO & Principal Engineer

Andrew Ondish

Chief Financial Officer

Jake Dahl

Principal Software Engineer

Caleb pinckney

Principal Electrical Engineer

Chris Baquol

Customer Success Manager

Kyle Dahl

Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Daniels

Robotics Engineer

Mark Force

Systems Engineer

Rossi Force

Mechanical Engineer

Santiago Perez

Systems Engineer

Gabe Rivolta

Test Pilot

Caitlin Shea

Administrative Assistant

Kyle Stacy

Systems Engineer

Carly Watts

Production Manager

More team members to be added shortly!

Watts Innovations: How We Got Here


Watts Innovations LLC was founded in Winter Garden, Florida with the concept of helping customers bring their ideas to life through design and prototyping services. During this time, we assisted customers bring products to real life, prototyping everything from unmanned aircraft to measuring cups, children's play toys to golf tees. During this time, Owner Bobby Watts was 13 years deep in the unmanned aircraft/ radio control word, actively involved with piloting radio controlled helicopters and multirotors on feature films and various other projects. 


While assisting customers with designing and prototyping "the next big thing", Owner Bobby Watts was spending a tremendous amount of time on film sets with Jordy Klein of XCam Aerials, as Chief Pilot. During this time, XCam Aerials suddently found themselves in need of a large, heavy lifting multirotor that could carry the latest cinema quality cameras and brushless gimbals with ease. With that, the MFD 5000 heavy lift drone was born.


Initially only building one MFD 5000 Heavy Lift Drone for XCam Aerials, Bobby and the XCam team put the aircraft to work for over one year before a second aircraft was even assembled. This allowed ample time to really get the aircraft dialed in.
In late 2018, we began building custom versions of the MFD 5000 for other customers looking to use it for cinematography and LiDAR scanning purposes.


In early 2019, Watts Innovations relocated to the Baltimore, Maryland area and with that came a ramped up production of the MFD 5000 heavy lift drone. In 2019, Watts Innovations sold dozens of the heavy lift drones to customers all over the world, in a wide variety of applications. Customers were utilizing our drones for various purposes from Cinematography, LiDAR scanning, Infrastructure Inspections, Cargo Hauling, and more. With this came an extensive push on our production and engineering fronts and the realization that a standardized aircraft that could suit various applications was a necessity.


While MFD 5000 production continues, the Engineering team is hard at work for the better part of 10 months, conceptualizing and designing what would be come PRISM, our standardized versatile drone that can be used for practically any application. After months of testing and prototyping, PRISM was proudly unveiled in September and is currently in a pre-order phase for customers world-wide. It is expected to ship in late 2020/ early 2021.