WATTS Ultra Light LiPo Series

The WATTS Ultra Light series was created to be the most lightweight, reliable batteries on the market. Stripped down to the bare necessities, these packs are constructed from premium cells and are ready to work.

Assembled and supported in the USA, the WATTS Ultralight series are plug and play for PRISM Sky and other aircraft that utilize 12s Lithium Batteries. 

Ultra Light LiPo

12S 16,000mAh LiPo Battery

Ultra Light In Action

Seriously Light

Weighing in at only 3850g (8.5lbs), the WATTS Ultra Light 12s 16,000mAh LiPo is 400g lighter than the the lightest comparable battery on the market. When used in parallel on common aircraft like PRISM Sky, users can save almost 2lbs of all up weight!


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