REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch

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REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch

Watts Innovations proudly introduces the REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch. Designed and built entirely from the ground up, the REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch is the most advanced cargo delivery device available on the market today. REEL was created exclusively for use with the PRISM Sky aircraft, as it harnesses the power of Auterion’s Skynode ecosystem for a plug and play experience.

  • Maximum Delivery Height: 125ft
  • Maximum Payload for Deliveries: 10lb
  • Delivery types: In-Flight Eject, Eject Upon Landing, In-Flight Delivery
  • Mounting Type: 12mm Carbon Fiber Rails, spaced 165mm from center 


  • (1) Watts Innovations REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch
  • (1) Power/ Data cable for attaching to PRISM Sky aircraft

NOTE: Current lead time is up to 30 days for shipment.

Learn More about REEL HERE.

NOTE: This product is only available as a plug and play option for PRISM Sky. If you are interested in utilizing REEL with another type of aircraft, please CONTACT US to discuss options.