MFD 5000: The Ultimate Heavy Lift Drone

Our First Mass Market Aircraft

The MFD 5000 in 2020 and Beyond

From Bobby Watts, Owner of Watts Innovations:

Our MFD 5000 drones have been the cornerstone of our business since 2018. In that time, our customers have used the MFD 5000 for various applications from movie filming to chasing NASCARs, infrastructure inspections to spraying disinfectant to battle COVID-19. Having sold dozens of aircraft around the world, we have learned so much about the needs of our customers, the various segments in the industry, and unmanned aircraft manufacturing at scale.

Our MFD 5000 aircraft are largely integrated with various DJI electronics including the flight controller, radio system, and propulsion system. Over the last few months, DJI has notified us that many of the products that we count on for the MFD 5000 are now "End of Life" from DJI. This means that we can no longer purchase the raw parts necessary to build this aircraft. Because the MFD 5000 aircraft is so heavily reliant upon these DJI electronics, we will no longer be offering the MFD 5000 beginning November 1, 2020. In lieu of retrofitting other electronics onto the MFD 5000, we have put all of that effort into making our next generation platform that much better, so that it can do everything the MFD 5000 is capable of doing plus so much more. 

To our current MFD 5000 customers: We will still continue to support your MFD 5000 aircraft for as long as you are flying and sincerely thank each and every one of you for your business. Because of your support, we have been able to take that feedback and create our next generation aircraft. I know for a fact that PRISM is the best aircraft on the planet because of your incredible feedback and support. 

If you or your organization is in need of a heavy lifting drone for various applications, we invite you to check out PRISM, our latest creation. If PRISM is unable to meet your needs, we would love to hear from you and how we can better improve our product offerings to meet your needs.