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12S 16,000mAh Intelligent LiPo Battery


WATTS 12S 16,000mAh intelligent LiPo Battery. Designed by Watts Innovations for use with the new PRISM Sky aircraft.

Not only is this battery perfectly suited for PRISM Sky, but this battery is the perfect choice for various Heavy Lift aircraft. This smart battery is capable of communicating via UAVCAN to PX4 and Ardupilot enabled aircraft, allowing pilots to see real time battery data like never before.

NDAA compliant, robust, and ergonomic, this is next level Smart Battery technology.


Onboard status display

View battery health, charge percentage, battery voltage, mAh remaining, internal resistance and more from the included OLED screen.


Utilizing the latest in battery management technology, the WATTS Smart LiPo utilizes an internal fuel gauge to monitor and balance cells. This allows for plug and play use both in the aircraft and at the charger.

Get ready for a safe, simple, powerful and hassle-free intelligent LiPo battery solution.

Innovative Dovetail &
Locking Solution

Slide & Click.


Built in carry handle

WATTS Intelligent LiPO battery has a built in, ergonomic carry handle for easy transportation.

Hassle Free

Easy Charging

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Estimated Q2 2023 Delivery