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Experience the perfect blend of reliability and affordability with PRISM Lite. This high-performance drone is designed for professionals and innovators alike, offering a versatile platform for a wide range of aerial applications.

Key Features:

  • Coaxial X8 Configuration: PRISM Lite is capable of flying at 55lbs AUW, making it a robust choice for various operations.

  • Cube Flight Controller: This feature allows the installation of any open-source software such as Ardupilot or PX4, providing users with a customizable and flexible flight control system. PRISM Lite ships with Ardupilot

  • NDAA Compliant and Remote ID Enabled: PRISM Lite is manufactured in the USA, meets NDAA Compliance, and is Remote ID enabled. 

  • Open Ecosystem: This drone is developed around an open ecosystem, allowing the integration of various payloads, sensors, and peripheral devices, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

  • Powered by WATTS Ultra Light Batteries: With 2x of the 12s 16,000mAh batteries, PRISM Lite can achieve over a 40-minute flight time with no payload.

  • Open Source Software Architecture: Based on open-source software architecture such as Ardupilot or PX4, PRISM Lite offers a wide range of Ground Control Mission Planning Software options.

  • RFD900X Data Link: For seamless and long-distance communication, PRISM Lite may be equipped with an RFD900X Data Link, ensuring reliable connectivity during flights. Combined with IDLINK, users can have a plug and play experience.

  • Essentials Included: The PRISM Lite package includes the airframe, flight controller, and data link - all the essentials for flight.

Order PRISM Lite today and elevate your aerial operations to new heights. This drone is not just a tool, but a gateway to endless possibilities in the sky.

PRISM Lite Includes:

  • PRISM Lite Aircraft Ready to Fly
  • 1x Quick Release Battery Tray Set

Choose from our available Ground Station Packages:

  • IDLINK (Contains both a RFD900X Radio and GPS to enable Remote ID)
  • IDLINK + Futaba FMT-02 2.4GHz radio controller 

Required for Flight:

PRISM Lite is both NDAA Compliant and Remote ID Compliant.

Batteries, Chargers, Payloads, and other Accessories sold separately. Please feel free to CONTACT US for more assistance or if you have any questions. 

PRISM Lite ships in a custom foam set within a cardboard box. Be sure to add an additional SKB carry case to your order if you are in need of a hard protective case for transport! 

PRISM Lite is currently available with a 30 day lead time. Please contact us for the latest with regards to lead times.

Learn More about PRISM Lite HERE.