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IDLINK serves as an easy to use, low cost Remote ID and data link solution for your unmanned aircraft. By simply connecting to a computer (not included), IDLINK ensures real-time transmission of crucial identification and flight data. Utilizing the trusted u-blox GPS technology, IDLINK enhances safety, compliance, and peace of mind during every flight. 

IDLINK integrates the powerful RFD900x modem with u-blox GPS technology, enabling users to effortlessly comply with Remote ID regulations.


Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Remote ID: Effortlessly comply with airspace regulations as IDLINK broadcasts vital identification and flight parameters from your Ground Control Station.

  2. Secure Data Transmission: Utilize AES hardware-accelerated encryption to protect your flight data and ensure its integrity.

  3. Long-Range Connectivity: The RFD900x modem facilitates robust communication, even in challenging environments.

  4. User-Friendly Integration: Compact and lightweight, IDLINK seamlessly integrates with your existing Ground Control Station setup (laptop) via a USB-A Connector. 

  5. NDAA Compliant: Made in the USA, IDLINK is NDAA Compliant


IDLINK Is Comprised Of: 

  • RFD900X (FCC Certified) Data Link
  • u-blox GPS Module
  • USB-A Cable

IDLINK is currently available with a 30 day lead time. Please contact us for the latest with regards to lead times.