EV Peak U4 Enterprise Charger for 12S LiPo Batteries

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EV Peak U4 charger designed specifically to charge 12 cell LiPo Batteries. There are zero adapters required to charge the Watts Ultra Light batteries. Simply plug in the AS150-U connector to the charger, plug in the balance cables and begin charging.


- EV Peak U4 Enterprise 12s Lipo Charger (x1)

- Power Cable


  • Dual LiPo Battery Charging
  • Built-In Charging Protection
  • Systems Cell Balancing
  • Adjustable Charge Rate
  • Integrated Power Supply
  • Automatic Voltage Switching
  • Built-In Carry Handle


  • Input: 110 to 240 VAC, 11A 50/60 Hz
  • Charge Power Max.: 2 x 800 W
  • Charge Current Range per Channel: 10/15/20 A
  • Discharge Power Max.: 2 x 60 W
  • Discharge Current Max.: 2 x 1000 mA
  • Balance Accuracy: -20 mV
  • LiPo Cell Count: 12S

The EV Peak U4 User Manual Can Be Downloaded Here