Caleb Pinckney



Caleb is a "Start-Up" minded professional with a passion for learning new things. This makes him adapt quickly to new work environments and challenging situations. He holds degrees in Science and Engineering from the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College respectively. He was the founder of Cola MakerSpace in Columbia, SC.

He learned to fly drones, at the time known as model aircraft, under the tutelage of then world champion RC pilot Bobby Watts. He began to design electronics for those aircraft as a hobby and now has over 10 years experience designing drones electronics professionally. He worked for a number of companies as a contractor designing PCBs before accepting full time work as the lead electrical engineer for a large drone manufacturer. There he led a team of engineers in building drones and lighter than air systems. Within Watts Innovations, Caleb heads up the Electrical Engineering team, bridging the gap between electrical and mechanical components.