PRISM Pre-Order

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PRISM Quadcopter Introductory Starting Price: $19,999

PRISM Coaxial X8 Introductory Starting Price: $22,999


  • PRISM Aircraft Ready to Fly (Either a Quadcopter or X8 Coaxial Propulsion System can be changed at a later time before shipping)
  • EchoSky Mobile Ground Control Station with Charger
  • SKB Travel Case with Custom Foam
  • 1 Quick Release Battery Tray Receptacle and 2 Battery Trays

Batteries, Chargers, Payloads, and other Accessories sold separately.



Note: By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a Pre-Order for the new PRISM Aircraft. Pre-Orders will be fulfilled in a first come, first serve fashion. This is not the total cost of the aircraft. This is a deposit for the drone. Please see the FAQ below to better answer any questions you may have.

PRISM Pre-Order FAQ:

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering a PRISM Aircraft, please read the following FAQ which explains how the process works. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to CONTACT US at any time. 

To pre-order PRISM, simply add this item to your cart and pay the deposit fee. Orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are looking to get your hands on PRISM as soon as humanly possible, you may choose the EARLY ACCESS Pre-Order Type. This will allow you to get PRISM before anyone else. If you are interested in Pre-Ordering a PRISM aircraft, you may simply choose the STANDARD Pre-Order.

All EARLY ACCESS Pre-Orders will ship before STANDARD Pre-Orders.

When your order is up in the queue (approximately 1 month before shipping), we will contact you so that you may specifiy your propulsion system (Quadcopter or Coaxial X8), as well as purchase batteries, chargers, additional battery plates, and other accessories.

For customers interested in acquiring a PRISM aircraft with the STANDARD Pre-Ordering process, a $2,500 deposit is due to reserve your spot on the list. When your order is within 4 weeks of being fulfilled, you will be contacted for the remainder of the payment.

Standard Pre-Orders will ship after all of the Early Access Pre-Orders have shipped. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis. 


For customers interested in acquiring a PRISM aircraft with the EARLY ACCESS Pre-Ordering process, a $5,000 deposit is due to reserve your spot on the list. Within 1 week, we will contact you for the full payment up front for your aircraft. 

Early Access Pre-Orders will ship first, before any other units. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis. 


Early Access Pre-Orders must be placed and paid in full by October 1 in order to receive delivery in Q4 2020.

We ship everywhere! Yes, we ship to all countries, both domestic and foreign. If you are located in a country with difficult import restrictions, be sure to CONTACT US for more information before ordering.

Yes, all pre-orders are fully refundable at any time. No further questions asked.


Interested in PRISM but have questions? Let's see if this helps:

Every PRISM aircraft includes the following: 

• PRISM Aircraft, ready to fly

• EchoSky Mobile Controller + Charger

• 1 Quick Release Battery Tray Receptacle and 2 Battery Trays

• SKB Travel Case With Custom Foam

PRISM does not ship with batteries, however they may be added with your order once your aircraft is ready to ship. 

Once you have the aircraft and batteries, you have everything necessary for PRISM to take to the skies. At this point, you will want to consider where and how you will mount your payload to the 12mm mounting rails.

PRISM Operational FAQ

Curious how PRISM will work with your current UAS operations? 

If you have prior experience with any drone with a propeller size of 8" or larger, you should be able to pilot PRISM without issue. If you do not have any previous experience, we do not recommend you purchase this aircraft! 

PRISM is capable of semi-autonomous and fully autonomous flight, but we HIGHLY recommend that a trained operator is always behind the sticks. 

If you intend to use PRISM for any purpose other than recreational flying in the USA, YES, any pilot that operates PRISM must have a FAA Part 107 Remote Certificate unless specifically under the supervision of a Part 107 registered pilot.

If you are in a foreign country, please be sure to check with your local state and country laws before operating an unmanned aircraft of any kind.

Having flown DJI aircraft for close to a decade, we are very aware at just how simple their products are to fly. With PRISM, we have pushed hard to make the aircraft as simple and straightforward as possible to operate. If you have prior industrial drone experience, you should not have any issues with operating PRISM.