PRISM Sky Now Available!


Meet PRISM Sky.

PRISM Sky is a fully NDAA Compliant solution that is ideal for drone service providers and operators who require products that are Made in the USA and free of Cybersecurity concerns. PRISM Sky takes everything that makes our PRISM aircraft stand out and takes it to another level.

The Watts Innovations team has been hard at work bringing PRISM Sky and its ecosystem to market for over one year. We are so excited to show all of its features and how this aircraft is taking heavy lift drone technology to another level.

In addition to PRISM Sky, we are pleased to introduce our KONTACT GCS, WATTS Ultra Light Batteries, and REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch.

PRISM Sky, KONTACT, Ultra Light Batteries and REEL are in production and shipping now.


Learn more about our products here:

WATTS Ultra Light Batteries