Introducing PRISM Sky & KONTACT: an NDAA Compliant Drone Solution, Powered by Auterion

Watts Innovations is proud to introduce the latest to our fleet, PRISM Sky. PRISM Sky takes advantage of the best aspects of our PRISM aircraft, while combining them with the power of Auterion's ecosystem. Combined with our KONTACT Ground Control Station, pilots and operators will experience a massive change in the way they interact with the aircraft and its payload. 

PRISM Sky is the first NDAA Compliant drone from Watts Innovations - meaning all critical components are made & sourced either from the USA or from non-adversarial countries. This means that drone operators and program managers from both the public and private sector can utilize PRISM Sky without fear of data privacy concerns or cybersecurity risks. 

Powered by Auterion's Skynode, PRISM Sky allows operators to have capabilities like never before in a heavy lift larger aircraft. PRISM Sky is LTE enabled, offering data and video transmission over large distances, real time flight log uploading and viewing, as well as countless other fleet managing services. PRISM just got turned up to 11.

We are also pleased to announce our first Ground Control Station (GCS) that we have ever brought to market: KONTACT.

KONTACT was developed from the ground up to be the ultimate GCS for professional drone operators who are looking for a perfect balance between size, functionality and power. Boasting a 12.4" gorgeous touchscreen, KONTACT is the ultimate interface between the pilot and drone. Whether it's planning an automated flight mission, adjusting camera settings within the app, or viewing a live video feed, KONTACT is ready.

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