While designing the MFD 5000 Heavy Lift Drone, designing and manufacturing a set of aero landing gear for the DJI Ronin 2 gimbal was quite tricky. Thanks to the assistance from the guys at XM2 Aerial in Australia, we have teamed up to create this landing gear system for the Ronin 2 which is lightweight, strong, and simple to install/remove at your shooting location.

To assemble, simply attach the Motionblock bracket that comes with the Ronin 2 to the front horizontal tube bracket, install the rear plate on the Roll axis motor, and you’re all set! The initial install literally takes minutes and can be installed & removed in under 1 minute on set. While utilizing this aero landing gear, your Ronin 2 remains 100% stock and can still fit in its original travel case. This aero landing gear is perfect for your custom heavy lift aircraft carrying the Ronin 2, as well as the MFD 5000 which we offer.

Best of all, the total weight of the entire set is 12oz!

Retail price is $399 and comes with everything needed to install onto your DJI Ronin 2 gimbal (except for the DJI Motionblock bracket).