Kyle Dahl

Mechanical Engineer

Kyle has been learning the art of flight since he was just 4 years old. Flying radio controlled models started as a weekend hobby with his dad, quickly turned into a passion, and now has become his career. At the age of 14 he started competing with Freestyle Radio Control Helicopters. After his first competition success, he worked hand in hand with the designers of the helicopter, power system, software, and electronic component manufactures to develop a new generation of high performance RC Helicopters. He then went on to win over 6 World Championship titles in countless countries around the world.

During this time he amassed a huge knowledge of the system required to create safe, reliable, and performance driven aircraft which work flight after flight. With this knowledge combined with his CAD design abilities, he has designed several of his own UAVs, been hired by several UAV companies to further develop their drones mechanical and software abilities, and piloted a huge variety of drones on movie sets, extreme sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and sales meetings around the globe.

Kyle’s combined knowledge of Mechanical /CAD design, product development / testing, and his World Class piloting ability allows him to take products from “Concept to Completion” with great efficiency and speed. A valuable trait in such a fast moving and emerging industry!

Kyle thinks the world we live in is funny. Despite being 6x world champion, his dog’s Instagram , @boba_theshepherd , is more famous then he ever was.