Introducing PRISM Lite: Universal Capabilities, Maximum Value

Watts Innovations is proud to unveil our latest aircraft to our fleet: PRISM Lite.

PRISM Lite was built on the solid foundation of our PRISM & PRISM Sky aircraft, with hundreds of PRISM aircraft constructed and sold over three years. In that time, our customers have amassed over 50,000 flights worldwide, allowing us to take real-world feedback and refine our aircraft to be even more reliable than ever.

PRISM Lite offers a robust and proven airframe, but with maximum value;  providing operators and pilots with the essentials needed for flight and nothing more. This provides weight reduction and cost savings that is unparalleled in the industry today.

Like the original PRISM, PRISM Lite is powered by the Cube flight controller and Ardupilot, allowing operators and system integrators to have full control over the software ecosystem onboard the aircraft. PRISM Lite is NDAA compliant, Remote ID enabled, and ready for a wide variety of heavy lift applications. With a maximum flying weight of 55lbs, PRISM Lite is capable of flying a 15lb payload for 25 minutes with reserve. 

PRISM Lite is available for Pre-Order now and will begin shipping in August, 2023. PRISM Lite Retail Price: $18,500

Learn more about PRISM Lite here.