Wrapping Up 2021 + PRISM Sky Update

Good Morning from Watts Innovations!

Whew, what a year! 2021 has been a massive year for the Watts Innovations team. We've had a record year by almost every metric we can point to and from the looks of it, '22 is looking to be our biggest yet. We've had a record number of aircraft sales this past year with our PRISM Aircraft and fully expect to see that continued growth next year with the launch of PRISM Sky.

We've seen our customers do some incredible things with our aircraft this year. Whether it's chasing NASCAR racecars around the track, delivering popcorn and candy to homes on movie night, capturing accurate LiDAR and surveying data, shooting the Super Bowl halftime show, collecting water samples in remote locations, or replanting forests once seedling at a time, our customers have been pushing our aircraft on a daily basis to pull off so many incredible feats.

Our team has grown by leaps and bounds both in numbers and skill. The team is really pushing themselves in just about every way possible and I couldn't be more proud of what they have accomplished this year. We've had some incredible new additions to the team this year and everyone is just on fire right now. What an incredible feeling it is to be working with such a smart and passionate team!


I also wanted to take this time to provide a brief update on PRISM Sky, as it has been a few months.

When we announced this new variant of our flagship aircraft a few months ago, we knew we had something special, but never did we imagine just how far we would be able to push our engineering abilities in such a short amount of time. We currently have multiple PRISM Sky aircraft built and fly them on a daily basis. While the final design of PRISM Sky is just about complete, we find ourselves doing more testing and engineering on various products and accessories that will interface with the aircraft itself. This includes payloads, power systems and other peripherals. 

Demand for PRISM Sky has been off the charts. We had a record number of pre-orders and requests from current customers who are looking to convert their current PRISM to the Sky variant. Every single day we are working our tails off to ensure that we can not just meet, but totally surpass the expectations of our customers with this product. We have also been taking this time to make small tweaks and improvements based on our customer feedback that we have amassed from the last year of our customers putting PRISM through its paces in the field. As a result, what we have coming with PRISM Sky is just simply badass. 

We have some other surprises up our sleeve that we will be announcing once PRISM Sky is a little closer to release. We sincerely appreciate the support of our customers and to everyone who Pre-Ordered PRISM Sky. I can say with confidence that PRISM Sky is the most technically advanced product we have ever built and can't wait for you all to see what it and the entire Auterion ecosystem is capable of. Originally slated to release in Q4 of '21, we need just a few more months to finish up. With that, we are moving back the release date of PRISM Sky & KONTACT to Q1 of 2022. I can assure you it will be worth the wait.

We can't thank our customers & vendors enough for their continued support and hope that you and your families enjoy the holidays together and hope for a bright 2022!