In 2016 I was contacted by a company called Aergility to assist with making a prototype for a new concept multirotor they had invented. The goal of this aircraft was to create an aircraft that can vertically take off and land, but also travel hundreds of miles in one tank of fuel.

Watts Innovations was hired to design and fabricate this 1/4 scale model, which came out beautifully. Utilizing SolidWorks, we designed the model which would allow them to see if their concept really works… and it does! The aircraft is constructed primarily of carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum, all running custom code on the flight controller and ESC’s,

We are truly honored to be part of such an exciting project like this. We wish Larry, Jim, Tim and the rest of the team nothing but success with their new endeavor!

For more information, check out: www.Aergility.com

Hear their story and see how it came to life:

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