Watts Innovations is a company based in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial drones. We have vast experience in the field and know the challenges drone operators face on the job site. This allows us to design highly reliable drones that meets the client’s every need. Having designed, manufactured, and flown all sorts of aircraft including multirotors, helicopters, and hybrid aircraft- we have the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture aircraft that will allow you and your business to fly safely and reliably. We take pride in our work, think outside the box, and take pride in providing the best service in the industry to our customers. 


Bobby Watts, Founder of Watts Innovations LLC

Bobby has been involved in the Radio Controlled aircraft industry since 2003. Since the time of graduating from the University of South Carolina with his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2010, Bobby has formed businesses and worked on many projects that allow him to have a well-rounded understanding of the commercial drone industry. He has spent countless days on movie sets, using drones to film beautiful images for TV shows and feature films. He has also used drones for infrastructure inspections, entertainment purposes, cargo hauling, you name it.

In addition to piloting, he has been designing and manufacturing unmanned helicopters and multirotors for over a decade, giving him a specialized knowledge in the design and manufacturing process of such aircraft. Having that vast experience in both design and piloting allows him to create aircraft from a pilot’s perspective that is also mechanically sound flight after flight.

 “I am looking to help clients reach their goals. Whether you want to work with one of my aircraft that I have already designed, or work with me to create a custom solution of your own- I believe I can help you. I have helped create multiple aircraft in the past and would like to continue moving forward with aircraft design and development. I have had the privilege working with many talented people from across the world. I have worked with companies based in Asia, Europe, USA, Africa- you name it. At the end of the day it is all about problem solving and finding the optimum solution. I look forward to working with bright and talented people & companies.” – Bobby Watts

Check out a great interview Bobby did with Park Pilot magazine recently HERE


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“XCam Aerials is a service based company in Orlando, Florida. We have our FAA section 107 license that allows us to fly legally in the United States. We specialize in Aerial Cinematography using Radio Controlled Helicopters and Multirotors. Owner, Jordy Klein wanted to create a company that could reliably capture breathtaking video from the air. After some discussion, they enlisted the help of RC Heli Pro Bobby Watts to help with the piloting and setup of their multiple aircraft. We specialize in any type of Aerial Shot imaginable. We trust our equipment and dare to push the boundaries of what is a possible shot to get with an aerial vehicle. We specialize in high elevation “bird’s eye” shots, fast paced “chase” shots, slow beautifully floating shots, and pretty much anything in between. We pride ourselves in using multiple top of the line aircraft that allow us to use a multitude of cameras. At the moment, our most “popular” machines that we use when filming carry either a Red Epic, Arri Alexa Mini, or DSLR type camera. Please contact us for rates, questions, or general inquiries.”


“Jordan Klein Film and Video is an Ultra-High end production company founded by Jordan Klein jr. Jordy has made a career of accomplishing incredible above water, on-the-water, Underwater and Aerial cinematography. JKF&V has more specialty equipment under our roof than any production company in the Southeast USA. Contact us any time. We feel certain that we will provide the ultimate product for extremely competitive rates.”


“SmackTalk RC is an online instructional video series created by RC Helicopter fanatics for RC Helicopter fanatics. Join hosts Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, and Kyle Stacy as they cover all aspects of RC Heli modeling – from technical setup recommendations to expert flying tips. SmackTalk has been in production since 2010 and continues to evolve with the ever-changing technology in the RC Heli world. We hope SmackTalk allows you to grow as a pilot, learn new things, and enjoy your hobby even more than ever!”


“R/C Rotors and Aerial Media llc. is a leading manufacturer of advance Multi Rotor and Unmanned systems in the US. Evolution Aerial Systems and Evolution Brushless Gimbals were designed by us from the ground up and we use the finest materials with state of the art craftsmanship. We are Located in the Washington D.C Metro area and all products are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the US.”


“BK Designs is a Florida based limited liability company that specializes in the design and distribution of products for the remote control industry. The company was founded in late 2013 by Bert & Suzi Kammerer.”


“AerialWorks Inc is a specialty sensor services company that focuses on providing a full range of image capture platforms. Our company has a rich background in Government, Aerospace and Commercial industry that can support any sized project. We offer a wide range of services to include consulting, development, deployment and maintenance. Our team can provide the solutions necessary while managing cost and providing reliable alternatives. Call us today to discuss your current and future business needs.”