The Pickup Truck of the Unmanned Skies


Universal Capabilities, Maximum Value

PRISM Superlift Edition

Hauling Payloads of up to 60lbs


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PRISM Superlift Edition

Capable of a 60lb Payload

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Designed, Assembled and Supported in the USA

Our aircraft are designed by American Engineers, assembled by American Technicians and supported by American Customer Service Representatives. We source our products from all over the globe with the intention of delivering the highest quality product possible. In time, we strive to manufacture as many individual components as possible in the USA.

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NDAA Compliant


KONTACT was developed from the ground up to be the ultimate Ground Control Station for professional drone operators who are looking for a perfect balance between size, functionality and power.


REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch

Designed and built entirely from the ground up, the REEL Intelligent Delivery Winch is the most advanced cargo delivery device available on the market today.

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Introducing The

WATTS Smart Lipo

Designed by Watts Innovations for use with the new PRISM Sky aircraft.

This smart battery is capable of communicating via UAVCAN to PX4 and Ardupilot enabled aircraft, allowing pilots to see real time battery data like never before. NDAA compliant, robust, and ergonomic, this is next level Smart Battery technology.


Watts Innovations

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